Cosmetic Dentistry

Creating a New First Impression

There are significant benefits to the multiple procedures of cosmetic dentistry that can last a lifetime. A Cosmetic dentist can now transform an unhealthy set of teeth into an aesthetically pleasing smile that is both natural looking and healthy. Through advancements in technology, aesthetic dentistry provides the opportunity to repair nearly any dental issue on and below the gum line. These procedures can produce instant relief for a variety of tooth issues from a simple alignment to full reconstruction.

The procedures can help the patient improve their health, and build self-confidence. It can enhance the patient’s appearance and improve their professional and social life. There is a wide array of cosmetic dentistry procedures to provide aesthetically pleasing solutions for nearly every patient that include teeth whitening, dental crowns, veneers and Invisalign braces.

Teeth Whitening

Dental patients no longer need to suffer with dingy, yellowing teeth. Through the advancements of cosmetic dentistry, patients can enjoy improved whiteness using methods far superior than simply bleaching the teeth. Many patients can enjoy dramatic whitening in a single session lasting up to one hour. Utilizing safe chemicals, a proven method of teeth whitening can instantly create aesthetically beautiful teeth that are brighter and healthier in appearance.


Porcelain veneers offer an instant solution for enhancing most minor aesthetic issues involving the teeth. An improved aesthetic appearance can be instantly created by installing porcelain veneers on teeth with stains, chips or other minor issues. During the application process, the cosmetic dentist uses the bonding material to adhere the sculpted, thin layers of the porcelain veneers to the teeth. The material provides a new appearance, surface texture and color to the teeth.

Veneers can instantly transform teeth that are worn down, misaligned, irregularly shaped and/or uneven. Porcelain veneers can quickly fill the gaps between teeth and close the space for a more natural and beautiful appearance. As a porcelain product, veneers are highly resistant to staining. The veneers offer a less invasive solution over an implant or crown. The cosmetic dentist can typically apply a porcelain veneer over any tooth structure to enhance its strength and appearance. The veneer installation process is simple and easy. It requires only a few visits to the dentist to complete.


Cosmetic dentistry can provide an easier alternative to traditional braces that require wires and brackets. Dental patients no longer need to irritate the interior of their mouth with wires that poke and hurt. As an alternative, patients can wear clear Invisalign aligners that are simple to remove for brushing, cleaning and flossing the teeth. These Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible and very smooth for a comfortable, non-irritating fit.

Wearing these nearly invisible Invisalign aligners is a simple teeth “straightening” process that aligns the teeth perfectly over time. The length of time for a complete alignment varies between patients. However, the patient will wear a new set of Invisalign aligners for approximately two weeks before moving to the next stage of their treatment.