Early Detection of Oral Cancer with VELscope

Oral cancer is a disease many people are not aware of, until it strikes close to home. This cancer is not noticeable in early stages because it causes no pain or other noticeable symptoms early on. By the time it has been detected and diagnosed, it is almost always in a more advanced stage or has spread to other parts of the body. In this recent video, Kelsey Roberts, dental assistant for Dr. James J. McCall, discusses the realities and screening options for oral cancer.

Oral Cancer is Wide-Spread

Oral cancer affects approximately 40,000 Americans every year. Every hour, one person dies due to oral cancer and its complications, for a total of over 8,000 deaths a year. For those who are newly diagnosed with oral cancer, only about half will still be alive in five years. Those who do are 20 times more likely than others to develop secondary cancer. These are staggering statistics.

Early Detection is the Key

The reason that oral cancer is so devastating is the fact that most oral cancers are not spotted until they have progressed to a stage that is difficult to treat. For that reason, the cancer cannot be treated, and it tends to be fatal. Unfortunately, these numbers have not improved in recent years, in spite of advancements in medical field.

The VELscope is a simple device that is highly effective at detecting developing oral cancer. Using a blue spectral light, which causes the tissues of the mouth to fluoresce, the VELscope allows the dental team to pinpoint patterns in the oral tissue that indicates disease or other abnormalities are developing. This allows treatment to occur before these develop into late stage oral cancer. The device is safe to use, requires no unpleasant rinses or uncomfortable treatments and takes less than two minutes to scan the mouth, making it the ideal choice for protecting your oral health.