Just How White Can You Go?

As you watch your favorite celebrity walk across the TV screen, flashing her pearly whites at you, you begin to think that you, too, would look better with glowing white teeth. Yet when you head to the dentist’s office to talk about teeth whitening, you may be surprised to learn that most whitening options only offer two to three shades of whitening effect. Does this mean you can’t achieve the look you want? No, it doesn’t.

The truth is, three shades of whitening will make a huge difference in how others see your teeth and your smile. In fact, the celebrity look you have been craving probably isn’t as white as you think. Going too white would give you an unnatural look that will draw the wrong kind of attention.

Your individual optimum whiteness depends on many factors. Most importantly, the natural color of your teeth and how well your teeth respond to whitening will both affect the results. Choosing the right whitening product can also affect your results, as Dr. McCall explains in the video.

Professional whitening products from a dental office will be more effective than anything you buy at a drug store because of a higher concentration of the bleaching agent in these products. Light-activated chairside whitening at the dental office gives you dramatic, almost instant whitening, while a professional at-home whitening kit takes a little longer for results, but costs a bit less. To learn more about how much whitening is possible for you, contact Dr. James J. McCall today.

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