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Although gingivitis is considered to be one the mildest forms of gum disease, it can still lead to plaque buildup that can cause significant oral health concerns. At James McCall Dentistry in Jacksonville, FL, we treat gingivitis and provide effective solutions to keep your mouth healthy and gum-disease free.

What is gingivitis?

Gingivitis (also known as gum inflammation) tends to precede gum disease. In the early stages, bacteria in plaque build up which can cause the gums to become inflamed and bleed while you brush your teeth. Although the gums may be a bit irritated, the teeth are still firmly planted in their socks and no irreversible damage has occurred.

When left untreated, gingivitis can advance and the inner layer of the gum and bone pull away from the teeth and form pockets. As these small pockets continue to progress, debris collects in between and becomes infected.

What causes gum disease?

Plaque is the primary cause of gum disease, but other factors can contribute to periodontal disease as well, including:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Illnesses
  • Medications
  • Bad Habits (Smoking)
  • Poor hygiene habits
  • Family history of dental diseases

In its beginning stages, there are very little symptoms of gum disease. One of the most important factors to look for is bleeding gums when you brush. When you start to notice this, it’s important to call James McCall Dentistry to schedule your appointment. Dr. McCall will be happy to provide a thorough exam and cleaning and get you back on the road to oral heath recovery before it’s too late.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment for a thorough gingivitis exam and cleaning.