There are significant benefits to the patient when they are fitted with a fully functioning set of new teeth. With new dentures, the patient will feel and look better, and have an increased level of self-esteem. New modern denture technology can create a natural looking appearance and a comfortable fit.

Older dentures often dealt with the issue of a comfortable fit. However, advancements in technology and new materials have vastly improved the look and functionality of a new set of dentures. Patients find that wearing their dentures makes them feel and look younger. The dentures can create a fuller looking face by providing more shape and definition to the teeth and jaw line.

A well fitted set of dentures can create a healthier lifestyle by allowing the patient to chew their food properly. Patients with a new set of dentures can eat harder foods including raw vegetables and fruit to consume a healthier diet for better physical health.

The Perfect Fit

The patient’s new dentures are constructed to match the exact measurements of the interior of the mouth. The dentist will have the dentures made from a mold taken of the gum and teeth, along with x-rays to utilize the best method of measuring the jaw bone. The construction and design of any two pair of dentures are never the same. The denturist will create a realistic and comfortable fit. The dentist will fine tune the entire process to treat the patient’s specific oral issues to meet the desired expectations.

Comfortable and Affordable Dentures

Dentures that are constructed to fit comfortably will provide a strong connection between them and the jaw/gum line. Well fitted dentures can prevent irritating slips or embarrassing movement when talking or eating. The dentist will take the time to properly fit the dentures to the patient’s complete satisfaction.

Comfortable fitting dentures are designed to be extremely durable. However, that does not mean they are indestructible. They must be properly cared for to last a lifetime. With proper denture care the patient can avoid chipping, breaking, discoloration or other issues.

Partial Dentures

Sometimes, the dentist will fix the patient’s specific dental issues using partial dentures. These partial dentures are constructed as a way to correct any gap in a smile when there are teeth missing. Oftentimes, metal attachments are used to anchor these partial dentures to the patient’s natural teeth. The use of a partial denture is often the ideal solution to maintain tooth alignment. It will also help avoid the shifting of all the remaining teeth. The use of partial dentures can also assist in avoiding any future tooth loss as a result of gum disease or decay.

Feeling Confident

Dentures provide significant benefits to the millions of individuals that wear them every day. While it often takes some minimal adjustments to get the dentures to fit properly and comfortably, they can offer long-term confidence while enhancing the patient’s smile. It is important to return to the dentist annually to receive an evaluation on the fit, integrity and appearance of the dentures.