Danilo Espino

I suppose we should start with some history. Loretta (my wife) and I moved to the Jacksonville area back in the winter of 1988. We’ve lived in the same house ever since. We live alone, our daughter has her own family now and lives down in Miami; we visit them often, traveling back and forth. The rest of our free time is spent planning our retirement and repairing our modest home. Over the years we’ve seen a good number of tenants move in and out of the property next door at 1804 Creek Bank Drive, the Martin family being one of the latest to arrive, a couple of years ago. Ricky and Dawn have two wonderful kids, a boy and a girl, ages ten and fifteen, both very respectful and Shy…

The whole family is pretty friendly, so we soon found ourselves talking across the hedges. Like most people nowadays our most talked about subject are the economy and the upcoming elections. I will soon be displaced, but that is not an issue because it’s almost time for me to retire, Ricky on the other hand has young ones that he needs to provide for. The situation being what it is in construction, his work became scarce, so Ricky was telling us how he had began doing add jobs around the neighborhood in order to survive.

I’m a pretty handy fellow, that likes to keep busy, but lately I’ve been having issues with my joints which makes it hard to do some of the things that I could easily handle, even a couple of years ago, so I thought about it and decided to hire Ricky Martin (That’s really this fellow’s name!) to do our floor tiles and the painting that I’ve been putting off for a few months now.

Ricky’s work was excellent, he even thought about things I missed that needed to be done and he did it in record time, so when the opportunity presented itself in the form of a quick sale a few blocks away from my house, I took part of my retirement savings, bought the place and asked Ricky if he would want to move in and do the repairs in exchange for low rent. Well it’s been several months now and my recently purchased home is looking great. We attribute this success directly to the Martin’s excellent work and dedication (I have to admit to being a sucker for hardworking people).
So now that you have some background on all of us, we can move on and make our point. Why do we hope Ricky will win this smile makeover? The answer is because we think that Ricky deserves better. Ricky is a good guy, a good husband and a great father, but he has a mouth full of cavities. You just won’t believe it if you ever see it. I know for a fact that whatever money Ricky has made in the past, was spent on his wife and his kids. He has placed himself last, as it should be, but I can’t help wondering what a potential employer would think when Ricky interviews for a job, with people being as superficial as we know they can be. We can’t bring ourselves to ask him how he feels about the way his teeth look, but I’m sure I would feel pretty embarrassed about it. Can you help?

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