Buyer Beware: Brighter Smile Products That Don’t Work

There are many of us who wish for a perfect set of pearly whites that can set off our smiles and help us look better. In recent years, there has been a real craze to have the whitest teeth possible, just like the celebrities. Frequently though, we fall prey to unscrupulous people who promise us the moon, especially if the product is available on sale or at a discount. The same goes for teeth whiteners.

It is an undeniable fact that dentistry can be expensive. Should you cut corners and buy teeth whitening gel on discount or on sale from Groupon or some similar seller? It is better to buy teeth whiteners from your dentist, because you never know what sort of chemicals or other ingredients have gone into off brand whitening gel. Once you start using it, there is no telling what complications it might lead to. However, your dentist will be aware of the ingredients in a branded teeth whitener, and also the likely reactions, if any.

Some of the issues you might face when you buy teeth whiteners from anyone other than your dentist are that they might treat only surface stains, or in some cases, if there are persistent stains, they might become more noticeable once the teeth are whitened. Your dentist will be able to warn you about any sensitivity or other likely issues while which you won’t be aware of when you buy from anyone else.

Another factor that people forget when buying whitening trays is that instant results are not possible. Though in some extreme cases, dentists offer ‘one-hour’ intensive whitening sessions, they are only a temporary fix. Teeth whitening depends on the hydrogen peroxide concentration and the number of hours the whitening tray is used. Even when the concentration of hydrogen peroxide is extreme, if the teeth are not soaked long enough, the result will be only temporary at best. So, what many dentists do is give the tray to the patient for later use.

One more factor that you have to consider is that your teeth can only regain its original color; your teeth will become white, if they were yellow to begin with. In case your teeth are brown or grey, it will be more difficult to regain their initial color, and might need multiple teeth whitening trays.

You also have to remember that your dentist can prepare for you a custom made whitening tray, which will fit perfectly over your teeth and offer you the best possible whitening. This custom fit is necessary if you have to wear the whitening tray for at least an hour, every day for a minimum of 10 – 14 days for the best results.

In extreme cases, if you are really unhappy with your teeth, you can opt for veneers; a veneer is a wafer-thin shell made from either resin or porcelain, customized to fit over your teeth, which will dramatically improve the appearance of your pearly whites. If you really want to improve the look of your teeth and smile, then this is the best option, and it is a worthy investment.

We at McCall Dentistry realize how teeth can influence your smile and your looks. This is why our staff goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that you get the best service possible and that you get all your concerns addressed before we begin any procedure. We offer a wide range of dental services and many innovative and patented technologies for restoration of your teeth, and also for early detection of oral cancers. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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