How to Know When a Root Canal is Needed

A root canal Jacksonville is the treatment needed for the pulp of a tooth when it becomes infected, inflamed or dead. The pulp is a soft substance that is located in the center part of the tooth consisting of a nerve, connective tissue and blood vessels. The pulp chamber is a hollow part within the tooth’s center containing the pulp. It continues down the canals, extending throughout the roots of the teeth and into the surrounding bone. Some of the roots have multiple canals, but all of them have at least one.
Root canal Jacksonville treatment is the procedure that is used for treating the nerve of the tooth itself. Endodontics is a specialized type of dentistry that specifically deals with the pulp of the tooth and the tissues that surround the root of the tooth. Root canal problems might be treated from an endodontist or a general dentist. Endodontists are specialized dentists who have multiple years of specialized training long after they completed dental school. The main focus is primarily on treating root canals. General dentists are qualified to perform a root canal, but they might refer individuals to an endodontist if the tooth is being treated for a second time or it is extremely complicated.
When the root canal Jacksonville is treated, the pulp of the tooth is extracted and the pulp chamber in the tooth and the canals are sealed and filled to help prevent any bacteria from being able to enter the tooth.

Determining When Root Canals are Necessary

Many things can damage the nerve or the pulp of the tooth. Some of the common reasons why you might need a root canal are outlined below.
Pain tends to be the most common symptoms associated with the need for a root canal. The pain coming from the tooth in need of the root canal Jacksonville is quite specific. If the tooth is still alive, it ends up becoming extremely sensitive to any cold or heat. It will remain sensitive after the cold or hot stimulus is removed from the tooth. It may start hurting spontaneously. Regardless of whether it is in the middle of the night or at a time when you aren’t using the tooth to drink or eat, the pain could start up. When the tooth is dead and it has become abscessed, the patient is going to feel pain when they cannot put any pressure on the tooth.
Once the tooth has abscessed, it is going to require a root canal. Abscesses form when the tooth pulp dies and a pocket of pus forms, surrounding the root ending. The pus will accumulate where the dead nerve tissue is that is infected with the bacteria. At times, the abscess can form a small bump resembling a pimple along the outside part of your gums. Patients might notice pus draining from the pimple or find a bad taste in their mouth.
Abscesses that are left untreated will continue growing and infecting the bone that surrounds the tooth root. It might end up spreading into the bone and tissues surrounding the tooth. In rare instances, people have died from an infection that began from an abscess. Even though antibiotics can help prevent the infection from spreading, the only way you can remove it completely is through a root canal Jacksonville and cleaning all of the bacteria and dead tissue from inside the canals and the pulp chamber.
If the decay extends far into the tooth and to the pulp, it causes the pulp to become infected with bacteria. Whenever this happens, it can become painful and inflamed, or it will end up dying and becoming decayed tissue. Other times, there won’t be any pain, but the only way for the dentist to remove all of the decay from the tooth is through a root canal and removal of the nerve that has also become affected.
If the tooth were to be hit with a tremendous amount of force, the nerve might become severed at the end and the root will end up dying. This can happen immediately following an accident or it can happen many years after the trauma.
Teeth that have fractured might need a root canal Jacksonville if the fracture goes deep into the tooth and makes its way to the pulp. If the tooth has fractured in such a manner that there isn’t a lot of tooth structure remaining above the gums for a crown or other type of restorative procedure, the root canal might have to be performed to allow room for a post to be placed deep into the tooth canal to help retain any restoration.
Dental procedures can place a great deal of stress on the tooth. At times, repeated drilling might cause inflammation of the tooth pulp. The tooth will have to be tested by the dentist to figure out whether the inflammation can be reversed or not.
Previously, whenever one of these instances happened with the tooth, the only option was to have the tooth removed. Root canals have been proven to be extremely beneficial for allowing the majority of teeth to be saved inside of the mouth and have been used effectively for years. Once the tooth is properly formed, they won’t need the pulp in order to function correctly. The pulp gives the tooth the sensation needed to stimulate senses like cold and hot, but it isn’t necessary for the tooth to function normally in a healthy mouth.
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